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New Orleans, Louisiana is known as not only the busiest US port but also the largest metropolitan area in the state of Louisiana. The local economy is driven by year-round commerce that includes oil production and shipping yards and the tourism that brings thousands of visitors to town during the infamous Mardi Gras celebration every year. New Orleans real estate trends continue on the upward climb and include both modern homes and historic New Orleans properties and plantations that offer home owners and investors exactly what they are looking for. 

New Orleans History

The history in New Orleans is profound. It was originally settled in 1718 by the French-Mississippi Company, although while the rest of the Eastern seabord was being settled, New Orleans remained a French territory until the 1803 Louisiana Purchase. Throughout it’s history, New Orleans has proven to be an important port for the United States. During both the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, the route up the Mississippi River worked as a throughway for supplies and personnel to travel into other parts of the state. The New Orleans homes that were erected when the city began still stand today. Some homes for sale in New Orleans date back to the early settlers and plantations that also have roots in the Civil War and the abolition of slavery.

New Orleans Recreational Opportunities

The City of New Orleans offers an array of recreational opportunities for both youth and adults. They offer after-school dance classes, bird watching classes and nature walks. The city parks and rec also offer opportunities for kids who are homeschooled during the day to help them meet other kids who are also homeschooled while getting exercise and outdoor activities. Teen council is an opportunity for teens to get involved in their city and voice what they think the city needs as far as recreation opportunities for the youth of the town. Senior and adult activities such as water aerobics and adult sports leagues are also offered through the city. New Orleans home buyers enjoy the abundance of parks and recreation options for all ages and all activity levels.


There is an abundance of attractions throughout New Orleans. From the Mississippi River to the New Orleans port and of course, the infamous Bourbon Street where there are parties all week long during Mardi Gras. Thousands flock to the town once a year for the biggest celebration in the nation that originates on Bourbon Street. New Orleans LA homes offer a way for those who enjoy the bayou lifestyle to live there all year long, not just during the celebrations.

New Orleans Events

When New Orleans was purchased in 1803, it started a tradition of celebrations. The locals are known for celebrations just as the city is known for its nightlife. There is always something happening in New Orleans from Live Jazz to Broadway shows. The fine arts are alive and well in New Orleans. 

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